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  • 9 July 2009
Patrick Bardoulet

French Chef

I am from Paris, the focus of many of the celebrations associated with Bastille Day, 14 July. It’s a national holiday, so there’s the chance to enjoy breakfast – in Paris this will be a baguette and coffee or chocolate. It sounds disgusting to the British but the baguette has to be dipped in the coffee. Otherwise it’s just too dry. It’s a day out for most people, and many will have a picnic lunch. This isn’t actually that different to what you’d have over here: sandwiches, some ham, smoked salmon. Because we’re from the north of France we’d probably drink cider with it. For dinner we might eat fish, as there’s still an annual tradition for the fish merchants from the north coast to bring a huge block of ice in a horse-drawn cart down to Paris as a reminder of how difficult it was to transport fish two hundred years ago. They’d bring fresh Dover sole, mackerel, lobster and clams, but it’s still a two-day journey. For dessert – well, being so close to Normandy there’s nothing better than a caramelised tarte tatin with crème fraîche.

Patrick Bardoulet is the chef-director of the Horseshoe Inn, a restaurant with rooms in Eddlestone near Peebles chosen as the AA’s Scottish Restaurant of the Year in 2007/08. 01721 730225,

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