Field to Fork: get a taste of Hardiesmill's 'Ten Steak Experience'


The Aberdeen Angus farm delivers a hands-on guide to Scotch beef

Donald Reid reports on a Border farm offering an insight into the food chain.

Hardiesmill is Robin and Allison Tuke’s 482-acre farm at Gordon, near Kelso in the Scottish Borders. As a way of introducing the public to their herd of pure-bred Aberdeen Angus cattle, they spend certain Friday afternoons taking small groups on the Hardiesmill ‘Ten Steak Experience’. Following a trip out to see the cattle, on-farm butcher Lee demonstrates how a side of beef is divided up into different cuts, and there’s then an opportunity to taste your way through ten different steaks from feather steak to onglet.

For Robin Tuke, the idea is to give more people ‘a hands-on understanding of what to look and ask for when buying beef in order to get the best eating experience for your money. Is the fillet the best, or only the most expensive? Every steak has a different flavour and level of tenderness.’ The tour also provides an insight into the effects of breeding, feeding and handling on the final product, along with hanging and maturing.

● Tickets are £35 per person, with a maximum eight people to a group. For more, call 01573 410797,


Hardiesmill Place, Gordon, Scottish Borders, TD3 6LQ