Food For Thought - Fiona Houston

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  • 2 April 2009
Food For Thought - Fiona Houston

Author, forager and campaigner

Breakfast in our house is a chaotic affair, fruit and cereal, eaten in between organising kids’ homework and PE kit. I try to make carrot and apple juice, if I have time. Living close to Stockbridge in Edinburgh, I have no excuse not to eat local, and often walk down to Raeburn Place. I try to ‘investment cook’, so I’ll buy fish at Armstrongs or meat in bulk at Bowers and make stews that I can forget about and leave to cook for hours. I might buy a loaf of the best bread in Edinburgh at Herbies, then stop at Costcutter for my veg. Being a forager, I usually have a pot of wild garlic or nettle pesto in the fridge to liven dinner up, and if I’m out walking the dog I pick wild herbs to add to the fun. We’re blessed in Edinburgh that we still have ‘urban villages’ like Stockbridge, and I am worried that with a large supermarket chain moving into the old Woolworths building, this unique character will be lost.

Fiona Houston co-wrote Seaweed and Eat It and will lead a foraging weekend at Ardeonaig Hotel & Restaurant, Loch Tay on 8/9 May. ( She is also leading a campaign to keep Sainsbury’s out of Stockbridge. (

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