A prize winning piece - Competition level sandwiches

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  • 19 March 2009
A prize winning piece - Competition level sandwiches

Iwan Sasaki of Govan’s little sandwich deli Cherry & Heather Fine Food recently walked away with the winning entry in three of the four categories of the Scottish heats of the British Sandwich Designer of the Year competition. His own favourite entry has been a regular feature on his takeaway board since the deli opened two years ago: confit de canard, wild mushroom and pistachio dukka on sourdough. Onto the bread – Sasaki gets his from Tapa Organic Bakehouse in Dennistoun – he puts a layer of smoked paprika mayonnaise. On this he’ll place strips of confit duck, slowly cooked for three or four hours in its own fat. The dukka is a blend of pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coriander and cumin; typically it’s mixed with olive oil to provide a dip for bread, but Sasaki keeps the mixture dry for a sandwich filling. ‘The dukka works well with the bread, and the wild mushrooms complement the confit which, to be honest, is really delicious even on its own.’ Finally, there’s a salad topping of rocket, water cress or, most commonly, spinach. As with all of Sasaki’s sandwiches, this combo is priced at just £2.50. ‘My customers love good quality,’ he reflects.

Cherry & Heather Fine Food, 7 North Gower Street, Glasgow, www.cherryandheather.co.uk

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