Taste Test - Sandwiches

  • The List
  • 19 March 2009

Pret a Manger
www.pret.com for info
Although they did once make the mistake of marketing a tongue sandwich for Valentine’s Day, Simon Hargraves, Pret’s Director of Food and Communication, admits that the classics always sell the best, with their chicken club sandwich being their ‘most popular’, compared to their worst-seller, the wild salmon sandwich, which Hargraves admits ‘ticks the right boxes nutritionally, but just isn’t selling.’

The British Sandwich Association
Created, unsurprisingly, by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich in 1762, the sandwich industry is now ‘worth over £4.6 billion’ according to Suskia Bollen of The British Sandwich Association. With 2.7 billion sandwiches being purchased outside the home each year, our old favourites chicken salad, BLT and egg and cress are among the top five best-selling sandwiches.

Stores everywhere, visit www.boots.com to find your nearest branch
The pioneers of the great British meal deal, when asked about the effects of the recent economic downturn, a Boots’ spokesperson boasted of a varied lunch range, consisting of ‘over two million combinations of mains, snacks and drinks.’ Their most popular sandwich? ‘Anything with chicken tends to be a big seller.’ ‘Nuff said.

29 Haddington Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, 0131 652 3880
Mike Marshall, the owner of Leith Walk’s best-kept secret, Embo, is open to creating all sorts of sandwich fillings, having once received an order for a toasted tuna mayonnaise sandwich with egg mayo, cheese, chutney and mustard, although it didn’t go completely to plan, as he points out: ‘We’d run out of egg mayonnaise, so we used scrambled egg instead!’

Juice Almighty
7A Castle Street, Edinburgh, 0131 220 6879
Derek Webster, the owner of Juice Almighty, believes that when it comes to making a good sandwich, you’ve got to ‘keep it simple’, and of course, ‘make it with love’. Opened in 2007, Derek recently launched five healthy and wallet-friendly hot winter meal deals ranging from porridge to baked potatoes, and plans to launch a summer version in the near future.

Where The Monkey Sleeps
182 West Regent Street, Glasgow, 0141 226 3406
‘Blow torches are good,’ replies Andy Yates, the proprietor of Glasgow’s unforgettable sandwich experience, Where The Monkey Sleeps, when asked by The List for his sandwich-making secrets. Why the torch? ‘It’s more effective than a panini iron at melting the filling without drying out the bread,’ explains Yates. So now you know.

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