Taste Test - Hot chocolate

  • The List
  • 19 February 2009
Hot chocolate

From top left to bottom right: Beanscene, Chocolate Soup, Green and Black’s, Coco Hot Chocolate, Starbucks and Options Belgian Choc.

Beanscene Hot Chocolate ●●●
Beanscene stores at various locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, www.beanscene.co.uk. £1.84.
I’m sure many of you have spent a chilled evening on one of Beanscene’s leather sofas with a copy of The List for comfort. And the hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment – with its similar fine, rich content. There’s even delicious marshmallows for those of us not on diets.

Chocolate Soup Hot Chocolate ●●●●●
Chocolate Soup, 2 Hunter Square, Edinburgh, 0131 225 7669. £2.00.
This really is just liquid chocolate. It’s as thick and gorgeous as Fern Britton, and even slightly cheaper than Starbucks next door. Even with the smallest dose, the endorphins released could make even the cast of Eastenders happy.

Green and Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate Drink ●●●●
Various stockists including Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 300g jar around £3.55.
With its plush black and racing green jar, Green and Black’s exudes a refined elegance that makes every sip fill you with a dignity you didn’t know you had. Deliciously creamy, and ethical as well! You’ll run out of milk quick though.

Coco Hot Chocolate ●●●●
Coco Chocolate, 174 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, 0131 228 4526. £2.50.
Edinburgh’s classiest chocolate establishment does the liquid form just as well. There’s a delicious array of flavours to choose from, including nutmeg, lavender and even chilli, and each drink comes with a free slab of chocolate too.

Starbucks Classic Hot Chocolate ●●
At any Starbucks – there’s probably one just around the corner. If not, you’re probably in it. £2.10.
It’s hard to get this classic drink terribly wrong, and Starbuck’s offer us something perfectly adequate as an alternative to their various mochachocafrothacinos. There’s a bitter aftertaste though.

Options Belgian Choc
Various stockists including Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 11g packet to make one mug around 35p.
It’s never a good thing when what you are drinking looks more like muddied water than anything your body could remotely stomach. This powder and hot water take on the drink left an acidic tang in the mouth to match its worrying appearance.

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