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  • 22 January 2009

Best known for detoxing the nation, nutritionist and television presenter Amanda Hamilton stops by to talk Morten Harket, Buddhist retreats and extra-terrestrials

Last time you were chatted up
The man is now my husband, and I’m not telling you what he said.

First film that moved you
E.T. I watched it again this Christmas with my four-year-old who keeps asking if the ‘creature’ is coming back.

First thing you do with time off work
Hit the beach, albeit a cold Scottish one! I live two minutes from North Berwick beach so a run or walk or messing around is a great way to forget about work.

Last great meal you cooked
I made my stepdaughter her favourite breakfast – scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to entice her out of her teenage slumber. It worked.

First crush
Morten Harket from A-ha. Predictable, but oh, those cheekbones!

First great piece of advice you were given
It was on a Buddhist retreat; ‘this too will change,’ about the impermanence of everything. Especially helpful when times are tough.

Last time you were star struck
I walked into a hotel the other day and Steve Cram was there to promote an athletic event. I used to watch him compete so was too shy to say hello.

First thing you would do if you ran the country
Install a national ‘pay it forward’ policy. If everyone starting being good to one another, many of the deeper problems would take care of themselves.

First song you would sing at karaoke
I sang a solo once and was so traumatised by the look of disappointment on people’s faces that I never did it again.

Last time you exploited your position
I get my PA to call up and ask for clothes. In my defence it is pretty normal procedure when you’ve got to wear a new outfit most weeks!

Last great meal
A great gin and tonic, then Goan fish curry in coconut milk with mango lassi. By the Indian Ocean. Failing that, a snow covered mountain with a vin chaud and apple crumble. It’s as much about the where, as the what.

Last time you cried
Last week, watching West Wing. It doesn’t take much right now with pregnancy hormones flowing.

First thing you think of when you wake up
I am woken by some kind of performance from my four-year-old wee girl. Usually she tells me stories of her dreams about horses, unicorns and princesses – oh to be young!

Last thing you think about before you fall asleep
My husband – the novelty has not worn off yet being only one month as a Mrs.

Last time you bought flowers
For my Mum’s birthday last week.

What words would be used to describe you?
My mate said ‘loyal’ – she would, given I’ve known her since we were four; and ‘determined’ given we’re on a ski holiday as I write, and I’m doing black runs despite being pregnant.

Last book you read
I’m just finishing 'When Will There Be Good News?' by Kate Atkinson. I get through about two books a week – a staple for air and rail travel.

Last lie you told
Little white lies to my wee girl about fairies – more magical than the truth.

Last time someone criticised your work
A girl who came for an interview had a real go at me after not getting the job. The fact she was suing her last employer for slipping on the floor should have been a clue.

Amanda Hamilton co-hosts BBC’s Something for the Weekend and is a regular presenter and nutritional expert on GMTV. Hamilton is also part of VisitScotland’s White campaign. See for more information.

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