The Scotch Beef Club

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  • 22 December 2008
The Scotch Beef Club

Looking for a reason to try a Scotch Beef Club restaurant? Well here’s twelve.

  1. The Scotch Beef Club is unashamedly based on quality.
  2. We offer independent assurance, supported by the Scottish SPCA.
  3. Our standards are much higher than legislation demands.
  4. Our members are passionate about red meat.
  5. We are supported by some of the UK’s finest chefs.
  6. All our livestock are born and raised for all of the lives on assured farms in Scotland.
  7. Modern breeding and butchery standards produce leaner meat.
  8. Cattle are reared mainly outdoors and fed on a grass diet.
  9. Less stresses animals provide better tasting meat.
  10. Fresh meat is low in salt and high in iron.
  11. Our members believe strongly in animal welfare.
  12. We do not use growth hormones in any shape of form.
Scotch Beef Club

Our member restaurants are a cut above the rest. That’s why they choose the finest Scotch Beef. With full traceability and guaranteed levels of assurance, Scotch Beef is high on quality, high on taste. So if you care about your food, look for the Scotch Beef Club logo on your next meal out. We can think of at least a dozen reasons why.

Look out for the member restaurants on this site wherever you see the symbol.

To find other member restaurants near you, visit:

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