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  • 11 December 2008
Food For Thought

Keiron Mellotte

DJ and musician

Normally, I’m off out for a swim before my daughter Heidi wakes up, so breakfast doesn’t happen, and by the time I’ve paused for breath, it’s lunch. This typically involves miso soup or a vanilla bean and honey smoothie, along with a brie, grape and cranberry sandwich. I do love the sandwiches from Rudi’s Deli on Forrest Road. Quite often dinner is some sort of salad and seafood combination; I eat a lot of both. I don’t cook nearly as much as I should, but when I do it’s pretty much saturated in garlic. If I’m eating out, I’m obsessed with Japanese cuisine. Sushiya on Dalry Road is my favourite in Edinburgh. I also really enjoy Indian food or a good Mexican, though the latter is more difficult to pin down locally. When I’m on tour I eat out constantly, especially whilst in the States where much greater effort is made to keep the customer happy… and I like to be a happy customer! Being raised Catholic, I have that terrible guilt about food being wasted, ‘Think of the starving children in Africa!’, I say, as I scavenge through your leftovers…

Keiron Mellotte is DJ and promoter of EVOL which recently celebrated its 17th birthday. He is also in the rock band Pilotcan. EVOL Christmas Party, Liquid Room, 9c Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Sat 27 Dec.


Edinburgh's longest running indie night. With the usual mix of the best current and classic alternative and crossover tunes, Evol's an institution (now at a new new venue).

Evol Xmas Party

Christmas party time at the well loved indie night.

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