Taste Test - White beers

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  • 13 November 2008
Taste Test - White beers

From top left to bottom right: Black Isle Organic Wheat Beer, Colomba, Grolsch Weizen, Konig Ludwig, Hefe Weizen and Weihenstephaner Dunkelweiss.

Black Isle Organic Wheat Beer ●●●

Cornelius, 8-20 Easter Road, Edinburgh, 0131 652 2405, 500ml bottle £1.95
Delivers a very fruity aroma, sweet and quite pearish. On the tongue however, it gives quite a sour tang as the fruit doesn’t follow through. Although both the smell and taste are bordering on bitter, there’s a definite emphasis on earthy and ale notes meaning this delivers as you’d hope a traditional white beer should.

Colomba ●●●●

Peckhams in Edinburgh and Glasgow, see www.peckhams.co.uk for locations, 330ml bottle £1.79
This Corsican white beer is filled with lemon, honey and syrup scents that border on the medicinal, but in a good way. A very light taste that isn’t overpowering or cloying. Essential for those rare (sadly now very distant) summer days, served ice cold.

Grolsch Weizen ●●●●

Various stockists including Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys, 50cl bottle £1.58
An award-winning big hitter that gets you in straight away with a whiff of foamy banana sweets. More in tune with what we were expecting given the popularity of mainstream wheat beers like Hoegaarden and Kronenbourg Blanc, the familiar sweet wheaty notes were present. Fruity, light and creamy, a good all-round package.

Konig Ludwig ●●●●

Peckhams as above, 50cl bottle £1.99
Old school in looks and taste with an immediate hops (or we think streaky bacon crisps) hit to the nose. Robust and traditional in taste, with a strong, earthy sense of autumn leaves, this one definitely stands tall and regal, moving away from the fruit bowl-raiding tendencies of other mainstream white beers.

Hefe Weizen ●●●

WEST, Templeton Building, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G40 1AW, 0141 550 0135, 1litre £6.50
Not as pungent as the others – hitting with a tang at the back of the throat. With almost cider-like flavour and texture, it’s a very rugged, natural feeling beer that scores points for its simplicity, clarity and local, micro-brewery production, following German purity laws from 1516.

Weihenstephaner Dunkelweiss ●●●

Cornelius, as above, 50cl bottle £1.95
Despite its dark, beefy coloured appearance, this turned out to be surprisingly light, with faintly sugary notes of apricot and baked apple. Falling on the earthy side of white beer, this was not as tangy as the Grolsch, but slightly more fruity than the traditionals. Altogether very easy on the palette.

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