Food for thought: Michael Caines

  • The List
  • 2 October 2008

Chef and entrepreneur

In the food trade we eat in a strange way. I don’t know any chef who’s a good eater when it comes to the discipline of eating: your work time is people’s mealtime.The biggest problem is that because you don’t remember sitting down to have a meal you don’t think that you’ve eaten. I now try to have breakfast, generally orange juice and a plate of fruit with yoghurt, if I can, or a bowl of cereal. I will always grab some apples with me now so that during the day if I’ve got the temptation to snack I just crunch on an apple. When I started doing this it was sparked by the film 300; Leonidas was chomping on his apple and I thought, crikey, there’s a six-pack and there’s a good idea. At lunch I try and have a salad or a sandwich, and take the time to sit down and eat it. I only do carbs up to about 3 o’clock; after that I generally try to stay off them. At work, if you haven’t got the discipline to eat before service at 5.30 or 6pm, then the big problem is that when you finish work at 11pm, you get home, have a glass of wine or a beer, and you suddenly think, what’s in the fridge?

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