The best Black Friday deals on beer, wine and spirits in 2021

Black Friday deals on beer, wine and spirits in 2021

A selection of boozy Black Friday offers, whether you're Christmas shopping or buying a treat for yourself

'We want the finest wines known to mankind, and we want them here and we want them now!' so bellowed Withnail in the classically quotable film Withnail And I, in a statement which every wine puritan can appreciate.

We think cinema's most prominent imbiber would be delighted by the exemplary Black Friday deals we've found on wine, beer and spirits.

Below is a collection of great offers for Black Friday Week. If any of them catch your eye, we recommend you buy now – these discounts won't last.


Laithwaites are giving you the chance to replenish your wine racks for a minuscule price, with over 30% off their top-end Cabalie, 30% off new Aussie Sauvignon, and over 30% off crates of red and white wine. Top up now and avoid the festive supermarket rush when you want your next tipple.

Black Friday deals on beer, wine and spirits in 2021


Flavourly have been adding limited edition crates of beer at special prices throughout Black Friday Week. Crates of Flavourly are a delightful grab-bag selection of great IPAs, pale ales, sour beers and lager bursting with flavour, and it looks like these limited edition crates are no different. Check the Flavourly site for more information.


Writing this article is hazardous – we've just this minute been tempted to splash out on a Pinot Noir in Tannico's Black Friday sale. It's difficult not to when the deals are so good. The wine outlet are offering 25% off on select bottles of red, white and rose wine when you use the code BLACK-2 on-site. You can also use the code BLACK-4 for 20% off a separate range of wines.

The best Black Friday deals on beer, wine and spirits in 2021


Craft beer and keg supplier Beerwulf are offering discounts of up to 20% off on crates, kegs and cases of beer. The Beer Advent Calendar is the highlight here, with 24 beers from around the world at the cut-price rate of £52.79. Highly recommended for anyone who uses the term 'mouthfeel' in polite conversation.

Red Letter Days – Vineyard Tour

If you fancy leaving your house at some point next year, then we recommend this Vineyard Tour with Afternoon Tea or Lunch for Two at the discounted rate of £49 per person. This grand day out will let you see the great English countryside and sample some delectable wines, learning about the wine-making process along the way.

Craft Gin Club

Gin lovers rejoice – Craft Gin Club are offering 60% off their bumper box of gin, which features a full-size bottle of gin, extra mixers, snacks and a an extra-large magazine. This is how you get sloshed in style.

Free £75 discount code voucher for Naked Wines

We've teamed up with Naked Wines to offer readers a fantastic £75 discount off your first wine order.