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The week in wine: Montaria Reserva 2019

The week in wine: Montaria Reserva 2019

This week we try a wine that's perfect for the chilly season

Welcome to our weekly wine column, in which we highlight a great bottle and let you know its price point, the story behind its winemakers and, most importantly, how it tastes. Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool imbiber or looking to refine your palate with a diverse range of bottles, check back every week for a new review.

As autumn gives way to winter, the word 'heavy' becomes synonymous with everyday activity – heavy jumpers to ward off the cold, heavy boots to keep out the damp, and, particularly if you live in Scotland, heavy rain pouring through dreich nights.

Heaviness seeps into the way we eat and drink, too, as we smother roast potatoes in mountains of gravy and pack as many carbs as possible into every meal, like we're searching for the nutritional equivalent of a central heating system to ward off freezing temperatures.

And so this week I vied for a red that would go well with the need to wrap up warm, a soothing Montaria Reserva 2019 with an aroma to match the comfort foods of the season. Dark ruby in colour, this Portuguese 'big red' bursts with the wintery tastes of berries and dark chocolate, but with a tanginess that makes it more appealing than both.

This full-bodied number was made by independent vintner Luis Vieira, a maker with a long family history of wine production, in the Portuguese countryside.

Speaking to Naked Wines, who distribute Vieira's bottles, he says of his process, 'My wines are special because we carefully take care of the vineyards minute by minute. From the vineyard to the arrival of grapes to the winery, in crush time, the control is meticulous in order to avoid damage. This way, and as we are based in such a privileged region, allows me to make wines with character, suitable for the final consumer.'

Despite the quality of Luis' wine, the price point is a mere £9.99, or £7.99 if you purchase from Naked themselves. If you want a drink packed with the taste of winter berries to complement the chill outside, then look no further than this reasonably priced, characterful bottle.

The Montaria Reserva 2019 is available from Naked Wines for £7.99, or as part of their wine subscription service.

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