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  • 18 September 2008
Food For Thought

Sarah Raven

Writer, cook and broadcaster

I spent a lot of time in Italy as a child and I was brought up in a foodie family so I’ve always been interested in food. I like very simple, peasant food so I eat homegrown wherever I can.

For breakfast I have either a smoothie or muesli with yoghurt. At the moment I’m using blackberries and apples in my smoothies, but my ingredients depend on what’s in season.

On a normal working day I have something picked from the garden for lunch – salad, or tomatoes and mozzarella. Sometimes at work one of us will make a big vat of soup, using stuff from the garden again.

Dinner is definitely the main meal of the day for me, although I suppose it shouldn’t be really. Last night we had roast beef with vegetables from the garden. It was one of our own cows. The trouble is, I’m not a moderate person at all – once I start eating in the evening, I like to keep eating. I think the good thing about growing your own food, even if it is just in a window box, is that it makes you appreciate the delicious simplicity of fresh grub.

Sarah Raven will be appearing at Soil Association Scotland’s Organic Food Festival, Merchant City, Glasgow, Sat 20 & Sun 21 Sep,

Soil Association Organic Food Festival

The festival returns to the atmospheric surroundings of Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket, showcasing the finest homegrown organic produce Scotland has to offer in a weekend of talks, tastings, stalls, cookery demonstrations and fun cookery workshops for kids.

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