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Tastecard: is the UK's leading discount card worth the price?

Tastecard: is the UK's leading discount card worth the price?

We answer all your Tastecard-related questions to see if it's the right fit for you

Nothing feels better than a discount. It's the piece de resistance of the perfect night out, ordering the most expensive item on a restaurant's menu and enjoying the quiet satisfaction of slicing your bill in half.

With pandemic restrictions fully eased, there's no better time to head out for a meal or hit the cinema. Enter Tastecard, a discount card accepted by some of the best restaurants and entertainments in the UK, and providing you with a slap-up meal at an affordable price.

Thanks to our exclusive offer giving you a 90-day free trial of the UK's leading discount card, plenty of readers have asked us about the Tastecard experience. Is it worth it? Does it cover a lot of restaurants? Can you use it straight away?

To help you decide if Tastecard is the right discount card for you, we've put together this bite-sized article crammed with information.

Which restaurants does Tastecard cover?

Tastecard has over 6,500 restaurants in its programme, many of which offer 50% off food or two-for-one deals on meals. The entire gamut of food preferences is covered in this broad selection, so you can find everything from small Indian restaurants, cosy Italian joints, or even large chains like Pizza Hut or Cafe Rouge.

Tastecard themselves estimate that 83% of the UK's population live within three miles of a Tastecard-affiliated restaurant. But the card also offers discounts on takeaway options if you prefer a quiet night in.

Tastecard: is the UK's leading discount card worth the price?


Is Tastecard only for meals?

Not at all. Since its inception 13 years ago Tastecard has provided an increasing number of discounts on big events and brands for its customers.

Beyond eating out, the card offers up to 30% off cinema tickets, up to 50% off theme park attractions, up to 33% off movie rentals and an ever-changing array of exclusive perks on big retail brands.

Can I use it straight away?

Pretty much. We signed up for a trial and were able to order a pizza online with the app on the same evening.

What exclusions are there on Tastecard?

There are a few caveats in the Tastecard scheme. Many restaurants won't accept the card on weekends, and a small number won't accept it throughout December. Some restaurants will also limit you to two people per card. You may also be expected to book in advance with many restaurants on the Tastecard scheme.

Tastecard: is the UK's leading discount card worth the price?


What are my subscription options for Tastecard?

There are two subscription options for Tastecard. You can pay monthly for £5.99 a month or annually for £34.99 (which works out at about £2.92 a month).

You can also sign up for Tastecard+, a premium version of the service which offers additional savings on a wide variety of brands, at £19.99 for six months or £34.99 annually.

If you're not too sure about paying for Tastecard yet, try out our 90-day free trial and have a root around all the different discounts and bargains to see if it's a good fit for you.

How do I find discounts on Tastecard?

Tastecard's site offers plenty of search options, allowing you to look for restaurants in your area via their website or app. The Tastecard app also allows you to track the savings you're making and can be used as a digital version of the card (as opposed to the standard plastic version).

Is Tastecard worth the price?

Whether Tastecard is a worthwhile purchase for you depends entirely on your eating habits.

If you enjoy eating out a lot on weekdays and don't mind booking ahead then Tastecard is the perfect match. If not, it might be worth trying the trial and seeing what mileage you get.

As the number of attractions offered by Tastecard increases, so too do the reasons for signing up multiply. We're all changing our habits to leave the house a little more frequently after what feels like decades indoors, so Tastecard might become your new best friend whether you're a social butterfly or not.

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