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The best non-alcoholic drinks for a booze-free Dry January

The best non-alcoholic drinks for your next summer outing

From Dash Water to Brewdog, enjoy the best alcohol-free drinks this January

Nothing beats the satisfying taste of a tipple during those chilly winter months. The foamy head of a well-poured pint of beer, the refreshing tang of a vodka and raspberry cordial, the blast-your-head-off kick of your mate's homemade sangrias. We're building up a thirst just thinking about it…

Despite the intoxicating ecstasy of an alcoholic beverage in the warm confines of your favourite bar, having a drink or eight isn't always wise. Maybe you're the evening's designated driver, perhaps you've got an important meeting in the morning, or maybe (quite reasonably) you'd simply rather not risk the icy grip of a feverish hangover.

Whatever the reason, we've found a selection of the finest non-alcoholic beverages for you to try throughout Dry January. From tasty water to non-alcoholic beer, this list will make you thirsty long before it's over.

Dash Water

'No calories – No Sugar – No Sweeteners (Naturally).' So goes the tagline of Dash Water, a flavoured sparkling water that manages to be both healthy and incredibly tasty.

This zero calorie drink comes in a variety of flavours, including raspberry, blackcurrant, peach and lemon. While many flavoured waters feel as though they're bashing you over the head with their taste, Dash is more nuanced in its use of fruit extract, finding the perfect balance between refreshment and pure enjoyment.

Available from Dash Water.

The best non-alcoholic drinks for for a booze-free summer


Beerwulf's alcohol free case

Alcohol-free beers have evolved over the past decade from the drink you'd avoid at the bar to the number-one talking point from booze aficionados. No longer do they taste like the leftovers in a pub's drip tray at the end of the night. Some of them are even better than the real deal.

The beer delivery service Beerwulf have put together an alcohol-free case of beers to help you discover which flavours hit the spot for you. The case includes famous brands like Desperado's, Brewdog and Erdinger, as well as a selection from smaller breweries for you to explore.

Whether you like pale ales or foamy porters, there's a no-alcohol option here for you.

Available from Beerwulf.

Punk AF

Brewdog have been riding the alcohol-free wave in style, releasing a huge variety of their most popular craft beers in a low alcohol form. Chief amongst these is Punk AF, a variant on their staple tipple that won't leave you staggering home after a few pints.

Give someone a sip of your Punk AF and they'd assume it was soaked in that beautiful chemical known as alcohol, so close is it to the real thing. Can't say fairer than that.

Available from Amazon.

The best non-alcoholic drinks for for a booze-free summer



Fentimans provides a touch of class that's sorely lacking in other soft drinks, making its selection of lemonades, ginger beers and colas feel a little more adult than its contemporaries.

It helps that each flavour is light and refreshing. Our personal favourite, the Rose Lemonade, is exemplary of everything Fentimans does so well. Infused with rose oil, it's exactly the right side of sweet and fragrant, while a dash of lemon juice gives it the tang you'd expect from a soft drink.

Available from The Drink Shop.

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