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Best ethical coffee brands in 2021 and discounts

Best Ethical Coffee Brands in 2021

Discover amazing coffee brands, all rich in taste and ethical

Some coffee purists believe that a good cup of java can only be brewed to perfection in a cafe, preferably by a barista with a hipster beard and the calm but twitchy air of a highly caffeinated guru.

But the truth is there's no obstacle to making a fine cup of Joe from the comfort of your own home. All you really need is the right paraphernalia and the perfect beans.

To give you a helping hand, we've found a number of online coffee providers who'll deliver amazing beans straight to your door. These businesses pride themselves on their ethical credentials, sustainability and optimal flavour, giving you guilt-free roasts without having to nip to your local cafe.

Presto Coffee

The Presto Coffee brand was established with sustainability in mind. Working closely with every farm they use to ensure a great taste, each hand-picked bean is delivered to you in 100% recyclable packaging to ensure the smallest possible carbon footprint is created.

The online store offers you coffee in bags, ground or as the whole bean. They even sell an instant coffee variant which, perhaps surprisingly, tastes delicious.

If you love Presto Coffee's selection, they run a subscription service which allows you to receive your caffeine fix at a time of your choosing, so you'll never run out again.

Best for: A reliably tasty selection
Recyclable Packaging: Yes
Subscription available: Yes
Presto Coffee offer: Get Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Best Ethical Coffee Brands in 2021

Exhale Healthy Coffee ©

Exhale Healthy Coffee

Exhale Healthy Coffee is the UK's first scientifically verified, healthy coffee which can help active people improve their physical performance and recovery times. Crammed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and niacin, Exhale can even claim to be one of your five a day. It's also great for your brain health and your mood when enjoyed as part of a healthy varied diet.

Available in three varieties, the Exhale range is organically farmed using renewable, sustainable sources. It's coffee that'll give you the kick you need, while never being anything less than good for you.

Best for: Healthy options
Recyclable packaging: Yes
Subscription available: Yes

Best Ethical Coffee Brands in 2021

Dog & Hat ©

Dog & Hat

Family-run roasters Dog & Hat are the perfect example of how to make good coffee responsibly, placing a high value on environmentally friendly materials and forgoing bespoke boxes and glossy leaflets in favour of packaging that's simple and ecologically viable.

Each year, Dog & Hat also uses a portion of their profits to support a charity, and makes sure their beans are ethically sourced before they're roasted.

They offer a whole-bean subscription service which will ship a range of guest coffees from the UK and Europe to your door once a month, offering you rich top notes of blackberries, cherry or even Dr. Pepper.

While products can also be purchased separately from the Dog & Hat store, we reckon the pleasant surprise provided by the subscription box is the best way to enjoy this ever-changing selection of beans.

Best for: A varied range that's always changing
Recyclable packaging: Yes
Subscription available: Yes
Dog & Hat offer: Gift Three Months of 2x 250g FILTER Coffees for £50

Best ethical coffee brands in 2021

Redemption Roasters ©

Redemption Roasters

Here's a start-up offering social reform in a cup. Describing themselves as a 'behind bars coffee company', Redemption Roasters have made it their aim to rehabilitate offenders in prison via the medium of coffee beans and barista training.

The roastery making the beans for Redemption Roasters is within the walls of HMP The Mount, while the company also operates a network of barista academies in justice sector institutions across the country. The result? Ethically sourced coffee that also provides ex-offenders with a secure set of skills under their belt when they leave prison.

Best for: Socially conscious coffee
Recyclable packaging: Yes
Subscription available: Yes

Best ethical coffee brands in 2021

Volcano Coffee Works ©

Volcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works doesn't do sustainability in half measures, aiming to be a carbon neutral company in both its internal practices and its supply chain. Its founder Kurt aims to bring the great coffee he grew up with to the UK while maintaining a completely ethical business. That means a sleaze-free supply chain and regular donations to help support the local community.

But what about the coffee itself? In a word, excellent. We tried a bag of Mount Blend and were delighted with the subtle tang of caramel that left us reluctant to brush our teeth afterwards. We'd call it coffee with a kick, but it was more like a gentle morning foot massage.

Best for: Coffee with a low carbon footprint
Recyclable packaging: Yes
Subscription available: Yes

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