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Where to buy wine this Christmas

Christmas wine suppliers and discounts

credit: Hermes Rivera

These top wine sellers and their tasty discounts could help you save money this festive season

'It's Chriiiiiistmas' — well no, not quite yet, but it's certainly time to prepare for the festive season and why not start by stocking up on festive cheer in the form of wine. Bulk buying wine makes all the difference at Christmas and wine sellers know it so well they often dish out even better discount codes and offers around this time of year. Choose discounted crates of wine for ease or fill your basket with an array of bottles to stock up your wine supply in time for December. Here are some of the best places to buy wine this Christmas.

Naked Wines — £75 discount
Naked Wines recognise that some of the most exciting wines in the world are made by small, low-production winemakers who can't be found on UK supermarket shelves. Naked Wines stock and support independent retailers via the Angels wine club. It delivers great wines to wine-lovers who will learn about the origin of each bottle as well as the folks who made them. The club is great value for money as all purchases are discounted by 33% exclusively for Angels. Become a Naked Wines Angel and get £75 off your first crate of 12 bottles.

Christmas wine suppliers and discounts

A selection of wines available from Naked Wines

Virgin Wines — £50 off
Virgin have their own take on a wine club subscription service that saves customers an average of 20% on every bottle of wine. New WineBank VIPs get an introductory discount of £50 off the first crate and thereafter there are plenty of perks and 600 wines to choose from. Enjoy FREE delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Laithwaite's — £100 voucher
Laithwaite's know a thing or two about wine and share their knowledge and love of a good bottle with their Wine Plan subscribers. Members can embark on a journey of wine discovery, enjoying a delicious selection of wines every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Laithwaite's deliver a superb 12-bottle case to your door with tasting notes and are offering over £100 off the first mixed, red or white crate for new members, making the order just £65.

Christmas wine suppliers and discounts

Vinatis Wines — £10 off
Vinatis was founded by friends Olivier and Manu in France before expanding to the UK. The duo share a passion for wine and champagne and, with the help of their experienced team, have been selling the best global wines for close to 15 years. Their sophisticated selection of wine comes with tasting tips, food pairing suggestions, and information on how it was crafted. Shop by region and grape variety or discover bestsellers, mixed cases, award-winning wines and take £10 off your order at the checkout.

Savage Vines — save £5
Savage Vines want you to switch out generic supermarket wines for their impressive range of bio-dynamic, organic and conventional wines of 'exceptional quality'. If you sign up to the Savage Vines wine subscription you'll get an extra special delivery of wines, tasting notes each month and discounts of up to 25%. If that's not for you, their bottle shop is a well-stocked place to start stocking up for Christmas. Save £5 with discount code WINE5 for a limited time only.

Christmas wine suppliers and discounts

Savage Vines

Majestic Wines
Majestic are rustling up a fine selection of festive wine cases from as low as £40.99 (six bottles). Not only is Majestic constantly offering new online exclusive discounts, but their website hosts plenty of reviews to help you whittle down your selection of whites and reds for Christmas.

The Bottle Club — save 5%
The Bottle Club features an eclectic mix of supermarket favorites and fine wines as well as luxury champagnes and other fizzes. With an ever-changing offers section and many other alcohols and snacks, it could end up being a one-stop-shop for all your festive booze.
For 5% off your first order use the code WELCOME5

50% off Virgin Wines plus a FREE bottle of prosecco

Save of wine with a WineBank VIP membership. This exclusive Virgin Wines 50% discount wine voucher comes with a bottle of prosecco and free delivery redeemable against your first case.