Enjoy Johnnie Walker at home

Johnnie Walker whisky serves to enjoy at home

Johnnie Walker brand ambassador shares his favourite serves to mark 200 year milestone

Celebrating 200 years of its world-famous Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker has unveiled three new limited edition bottles to mark the milestone. A modern spin on tradition, the brand's iconic Johnnie Walker Red Label , Black Label and Gold Label Reserve variants have been given a bold new look.

The perfect collector's item or gift, the new-look bottles are a great addition to any drinks cabinet or bar cart – as explained by Johnnie Walker GB Brand Ambassador, Ali Reynolds.

'The limited edition collection features three of Johnnie Walker's most iconic and timeless liquids,' explains Ali, 'and perfectly celebrate the brand's depth of character. Each whisky in the trio has its own distinct look and unmistakable flavour – so whether you're a Scotch whisky novice or partial to a dram, there's something in there for everyone.'

To celebrate the 200 years of Johnnie Walker, Ali shares some of his favourite serves using the limited edition collection which are quick and easy to make at home:

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label is considered the brand's pioneer blend, and it is the whisky that really shot Johnnie Walker to global fame. Up to 35 grain whiskies from all over Scotland go into Johnnie Walker Red Label, giving it its distinctive taste.

Johnnie Walker Red Label is known for its sweet smoke and sparks of cinnamon, with smooth honey and fresh fruit adding to its complex flavour profile.

For me, Johnnie Walker Red Label is best enjoyed as a long drink. In a tall glass over ice, simply add ginger beer to 50ml Johnnie Walker Red Label, finishing with a good squeeze of lime and a lime wedge to garnish.

Johnnie Walker whisky serves to enjoy at home

Johnnie Walker Black Label

The most iconic blend of the trio, Johnnie Walker Black Label is the perfect introductory whisky for people new to the category. A rich and smooth Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label boasts deep layers of sweet fruit, spice and vanilla – all wrapped in a subtle cloak of smoke.

For cocktail lovers, the Johnnie & Peach is an easy to make highball, perfect for enjoying at home all year round. Start with 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label and pour in 150ml sparking peach iced tea over ice. Complementing the fruity notes of the whisky, finish with a peach fan and a thyme sprig.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

For whisky lovers, Johnnie Walker Gold Label is a luxurious and smooth Scotch. A wonderful tribute to some of Scotland's most revered Highland distilleries, Johnnie Walker Gold Label is an exceptional blend with sweet scents of honey, layers of vibrant tropical fruit and a distinct creamy vanilla flavour.

The perfect celebratory Scotch for special occasions, it makes the perfect base to a classic Old Fashioned. I like to keep things simple and make the whisky the star of the show, so combine 50ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label with 10ml simple syrup and 2 dashes of aromatic bitters. Stir well in a tumbler over ice and twist a piece of orange zest over the glass to release the aromatic oils, garnishing with orange peel.

Another way to enjoy Johnnie Walker Gold Label is straight from the freezer, paired with your favourite high quality chocolate. The rich sweetness of the chocolate beautifully complements the whisky – the perfect after dinner treat.

The new limited-edition packs are available to purchase in all major retailers and online at malts.com.