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Wine List review: 'To our delight, words like 'acidity', 'body' and 'finish' suddenly had meaning'

The Wine List review: 'To our delight, words like 'acidity', 'body' and 'finish' suddenly had meaning'

Begin to understand your true wine preferences with a monthly delivery of wine and educational resources

Wine List is a 'monthly wine delivery service with an educational twist,' as touted by founder Josh Lachkovic. Josh started the subscription service in the hopes of making wine tasting less of an elitist activity, and instead a straightforward and accessible skill that can help anyone gain confidence navigating supermarket wine aisles. Wine List subscribers enter into a 12-month educational journey that provides all the tools – and all the wine – to learn about wine and develop a new ability to distinguish its complex aromas and characteristics. The subscription is flexible and can be paused or cancelled anytime. Each Wine List box features two hand-selected bottles of wine and in-depth wine root resources, covering taste, production, environmental factors and wine styles.

To kick-start the learning process, we received a red Cara Sucia wine from Argentina and a Massaya white wine from Lebanon, along with a road map for the year-long learning plan. The materials also highlight the story of each wine, which adds a personal touch to every bottle. Month one introduces subscribers to the structure of wine tasting, exploring the process of look, smell, taste and thinking in great detail. Interactive Taste & Learn cards are tailored to each wine, allowing you to practice what you've learnt immediately.

Developing a brand-new skill requires a level of confidence from the off and so we took our time with the Massaya white wine, checking the material often and matching them with the look, smell and taste structure. To our delight, words like 'acidity', 'body' and 'finish' suddenly had meaning. We reviewed our first thoughts, reflected, made notes and, of course, enjoyed more wine. Josh follows up each monthly delivery with 'the answers' via email and to our pleasant surprise, we were not far off the correct verdict for the Massaya.

When repeating the process with the red Cara Sucia, we'd whittled out the bad habit of overthinking and selecting a whole array of aromas where it could have been just one or two, and were almost spot on. Both wines were new to our palettes and extremely enjoyable, which elevated the experience. Keeping the Taste & Learn cards makes it easy to look for similar wines as we begin to understand our true preferences and avoid looking at price tags only.

The Wine List program presents information incredibly well and sets up the educational discovery experience perfectly. With the world at our fingertips, searching Google for 'how to wine taste' brings up millions of articles. The Wine List provides succinct information that is easy to absorb and apply. The experience also provides an extremely sought-after reason to be present for a moment; encouraged to sit, read, learn, drink, think and enjoy. The first delivery outshone our expectations as we immediately took away new skills and were left with an appetite for more.

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