Get drinks, snacks and groceries delivered in one hour with Drinkly

Get drinks, snacks and groceries delivered in one hour with Drinkly

All the everyday essentials and creature comforts you may need without leaving the house

Stuck at home and going stir crazy? Self-isolating and out of milk … and toilet paper, and the supermarket won't deliver for days?

You may be in quarantine but there's absolutely no need for you to go without everyday essentials or creature comforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

'Bringing the local store to your door', Drinkly can deliver chilled drinks, snacks, groceries and yes toilet paper in one hour from ordering or at a time of your choosing.

So whether you're craving a glass of your favourite tipple to enjoy over the latest box set, video calling your friends and pretending that Friday night drinks is still a thing over a mixed case of chilled beer or just in urgent need of some bog roll, Drinkly has you covered.

Get drinks, snacks and groceries delivered in one hour with Drinkly

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Head to or download the Drinkly app (iOS and Android)
Step 2: Enter your postcode to reveal which retailers deliver to you
Step 3: Choose what you want from the online store (product range varies by retailer), place your order and count down the minutes before the door bell rings

Drinkly will need proof of ID at checkout if you buy alcohol but, if it's just groceries you're after then delivery is free to all customers between 10am and 4pm. All payments are made online so you don't have to worry about contaminated bank notes.

And to keep everyone safe as houses, Drinkly has medical-grade hand sanitisers in every store which drivers apply liberally before collecting each and every order. You can also request a contact-free delivery in the comments section when placing your order. If you haven't bought booze, the driver can leave your delivery at your door or another safe place after ringing the bell. If you've got something with an ABV above fruit juice then the driver needs to make sure the order is collected and may ask to see ID.

The five-star rated on-demand delivery service is growing its distribution area every week but may not deliver to your home just yet. Enter your email address on Drinkly's homepage and they'll let you know when they start delivering in your area. Opening hours are retailers' own.

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