The List postpones publication of Eating & Drinking Guides

  • The List
  • 13 March 2020
The List postpones publication of Eating & Drinking Guides

credit: Iain Gallacher

Publication put back from April until June 2020, with preparations to use the Guides to help restaurants recover following the virus

In light of the move by the UK and Scottish governments to the delay phase of containment regarding the spread of the coronavirus, The List has taken the decision to delay publication of its annual Eating & Drinking Guides, supported once again by Birra Moretti, which has been planned for release on Wednesday 22 April.

Alongside this, we have suspended all restaurant reviewing activity. We've taken this decision because, with restaurants facing their own difficult decisions around operating, staffing and supply, we don't believe review visits in these circumstances would be fair to restaurants. We are also taking into consideration our own duty of care to our freelance reviewers in expecting them to go out to work in public places.

We are acutely aware that the current circumstances will be very challenging for restaurants, cafés, bars, food growers, suppliers and many other connected small businesses. In fact, while government advice remains that certain aspects of life should carry on, including going to work and school if you remain healthy, then we do encourage everyone to carry on going out to support their local restaurants, cafés and bars. The advice may well change over the coming days and weeks, but the decision we have made is with a sensitive eye towards the period when the restrictions and fears about public gathering begin to subside, and what might blithely be called 'normal' service can resume.

At this time, which may be May or June by current estimates, we hope to resume our activity and get the Eating & Drinking Guides published expediently, with the clarion call that the local restaurants and hospitality scene needs the support of the public as never before. We plan to use the publication of the new Eating & Drinking Guides – which for the first time will be distributed free and in separate Glasgow and Edinburgh editions – to highlight the wealth of choice and quality we have in the hospitality scene in our two main cities, and to publicise the fact that in the wake of the extremely testing circumstances of the coronavirus period, that the best thing the dining public can do is to head out to support and enjoy their local restaurants, cafés and bars.

If, as the owner or manager of a restaurant, bar or café, you were expecting a review visit and it has not yet happened, we will be in touch when we expect our reviewing activity to resume. If you have already been visited in the past ten weeks of this year, we plan to make contact by phone or email again before publication to double check the information we gathered on our visit is correct and fully up-to-date.

More immediately, over the coming days and months, we do aim to increase the amount of useful and supportive information we can make available both to the hospitality industry and the dining public. If you have information, stories, insights or suggestions, please let us know and we will seek to find good ways to share these through our various channels.

We fully recognise that you have many difficult decisions of your own to make over the coming days and weeks. We remain strongly committed to supporting the hospitality trade and to provide a positive and inspiring connection to the dining public. We look forward to publishing this year's Eating and Drinking Guide in its brand-new format as soon as we can after the coronavirus related restrictions have begun to lift.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss any circumstances relevant to our review visits or the publication of the guide, please feel free to contact us.