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Come together over the dinner table with HelloFresh

Come together over the dinner table this Mother's Day with HelloFresh

HelloFresh's subscription service offers fun, easy and sustainable ways for the family to expand their culinary horizons together after lockdown

When life picks up speed, it's easy for family meals to fall to the wayside, or to get stuck in a culinary rut. As lockdown in the UK eases it's more important than ever to slow down, come together and raise a forkful of something delicious and be thankful of family. We take a look at why HelloFresh's food subscription service isn't just a fun way to decide what's on the menu tonight, but also all the other ways it frees you up to gather round the table and celebrate family life.

Come together over the dinner table this Mother's Day with HelloFresh

It's ridiculously convenient, in every sense of the word

HelloFresh's subscription lets you skip the Big Shop this month, as not only are the boxes delivered straight to your door, but you can easily customise how many hungry mouths you're looking to feed and how many recipes you'd like to receive per week. HelloFresh offer recipes boxes for up to four people and have dishes to suit the whole clan, meaning more quality time spent together doing the things you love – and less time on food prep. So why not get a jump-start with this exclusive discount for List readers, and get 40% off your first four recipe boxes.

The ingredients are fresh, local and perfectly proportioned

Good food starts with quality ingredients, and HelloFresh sources their ingredients as locally as possible. This keeps your meal's carbon footprint to a minimum, but also ensures your ingredients come straight to you, rather than sit on a shelf and grow stale in a grocery store. And since you'll only ever receive as much of one ingredient as you'll need to make your dish, each box will help families cut down on their food waste and reduce the amount of surplus food that ends up in the bin.

Come together over the dinner table this Mother's Day with HelloFresh

Be good to the planet with recyclable packaging and plant-based recipes

We should all be doing more for Mother Earth all year round; for those who rightfully balk at the amount of packaging that comes with most subscription services, fear not. The vast majority of the packing that comes with your HelloFresh box are easily reusable or recyclable at home, from the plastic trays your meat and seafood comes in, to the FSC sustainable-certified cardboard box itself. Those who are looking to put their ideals where their mouth is will also enjoy HelloFresh's wide variety of plant-based recipes on offer, from their delicious dairy-free risotto to the Mexican Goodness Bowl.

With their subscription service taking the guesswork and legwork out of preparing scrumptious dinners for every kind of appetite, HelloFresh is here to help families everywhere get more quality time together.

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