Eat like a legend with Hard Rock Cafe

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  • 19 June 2019
Eat like a legend with Hard Rock Cafe

Glasgow and Edinburgh restaurant announces extensive new offerings this summer

Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow and Edinburgh announce their most extensive menu innovation in the company's history with their new offerings debuting on Friday 14 June. The legendary restaurant's new menu puts the spotlight on its line-up of all-new, award-winning Steak Burgers, created with a proprietary blend of fresh, 100 percent Angus Beef® to produce the most flavourful burger possible.

From premium accompaniments like freshly baked, toasted buns to signature sauces and produce at its prime, Hard Rock Cafe's new Steak Burgers let everyone eat like a legend. The delicious line-up includes the 24-Karat Gold Leaf Steak Burger™, a meal for those who love glitz and glamour, the burger that started it all, the Original Legendary® Burger, the Big Cheeseburger, 227g of cheesy greatness, the Double Decker Double Cheeseburger and the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, seasoned with a signature spice blend.

Eat like a legend with Hard Rock Cafe

Vegetarian or vegan? No problem! Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow are launching their first ever 100% plant-based patty; the Moving Mountains Burger ® is topped with cheddar cheese (optional), crispy onion rings, served with leaf lettuce and vine-ripened tomato.

Along with the new sliders and shareable sides, customers will also get the chance to try boozy milkshakes, with Instagram-worthy garnishes and brightly coloured toppings. These shakes will have you snapping away!

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