Festive Food Q&A: Frederic Deprez – Jules Verne owner and chef

Festive Food & Drink Q&A: Frederic Deprez – Proprietor/Chef of Jules Verne

Champagne Soup cocktails anyone? Frederic Deprez shares some French Christmas secrets

'Tis the season to gather together with loved ones and eat ourselves into a stupor until the new year. Since we've been dreaming non-stop of turkey and trimmings since the weather turned cold, we decided to ask some professional foodies about their culinary inspiration, the secret behind their Christmas show-stoppers and how they innovate on the classics.

Here we chat to Frederic Deprez, proprietor and chef of Edinburgh brasserie, Jules Verne.

Christmas isn't complete without a cocktail, what's your ultimate go to festive tipple?
The Champagne Soup is my favourite Christmas cocktail. Here is what you need;
- 75 cl of sparkling wine (or champagne)
- 10 cl of lemon juice
- 10 cl of Cointreau
- 5 cl of liquid cane sugar

What does Christmas at Jules Verne look like?
Jules Verne is somewhere everyone is welcome, somewhere for the family with generous offerings. We serve authentic French food and you might be lucky enough to see our live pianist playing in the background to help create a joyful atmosphere. One of our star dishes is our 20 hour slow cooked Duck leg.

Who is your favourite chef or what is your favourite cookbook for festive cooking inspiration?
Jamie Oliver is my favourite chef. He has so many delicious recipes that can be made by people of all skill levels, meaning the whole family can get involved.

How can you spice up the usual Christmas side dishes to give them an exciting twist?
I'd recommend adding a bit of ginger and cinnamon to your side dishes for some extra Christmas flavour. It's a really simple way to help elevate the dish.

How would you convince someone to eat out for their Christmas meal?
Show them the Christmas menus at Jules Verne of course! Where they can have some delicious food and great wine. We love seeing people come down with their families and do our best to make it an experience to remember.

Are you an eat your advent calendar all at once or strictly one per day sort of person?
I like to eat one per day.

Do you have any recipes or food traditions that have been passed down in your family?
Unfortunately not.

What is your Christmas show-stopper?
Spending time with my family is the main thing I love about Christmas.

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