This immersive sensory experience will reveal who you really are

This immersive sensory experience will reveal what being rich means to you

Find out what being rich means to you at San Miguel's interactive experiment in Manchester and Edinburgh

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have never been so close to our reach thanks to our favourite social apps that provide the never-ending supply of 15-second snippets of rich-livin'. But, are Learjets, infinity pools and bling bling selfies the stuff happiness is made of, or is it something more closely resembling family, friends and a life lived true to yourself?

San Miguel wants to find out what 'rich' means to you and they've got the technology to do it. The brand are launching the interactive Find Your Rich Experiment in Manchester and Edinburgh (tickets available now) and are inviting you to take part, and, of course, enjoy some personalised beers while you're at it.

At this pioneering event you'll be offered the opportunity to have your senses tested by a series of stimuli and uncover whether you value material possessions or experiences more. RFID technology will log your reactions, testing your sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch as your move from one virtual room to another. At the end you'll receive a personalised profile outlining your travel, food and activity preferences.

This immersive sensory experience will reveal what being rich means to you

Sounds a bit magical and mysterious, right? Well, that's half the fun. The other half comes in the form of San Miguel's Tap Station bar, imported exclusively from Spain, which allows guests to sample beers inspired by the brand's journey around the world; from floral hops of Hong Kong to hints of coffee and caramel of Munich, complimented with small plates of international tapas to satiate your appetite

A few beers with friends while putting the world to rights together... sounds like our favourite kind of night. Tickets are priced at £15 (plus booking fees) and include one drink and two tapas plates from around the world but you can save 50% off the ticket price by typing in TheListOffer in the promo code box. You'll also get an additional beer after the experience, handpicked based on your personalised profile which should make it the best beer you ever tasted.

The Find Your Rich Experiment is taking place at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, Thu 27 Sep, 5–11pm; and The Hub in Edinburgh, Thu 4 Oct, 5–11pm.

18+ only. Ticket T&Cs apply. Enjoy San Miguel Responsibly.

San Miguel presents: The Find Your Rich Experiment

San Miguel hosts an event that takes participants on a multi-sensory experience to find out what 'rich' means to them. There will also be San Miguel beers and tapas-style dishes from around the world to sample in the lounge area. List readers will receive 50% off the ticket price by entering TheListOffer in the promo code…

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