Finsbay Flatiron: 'a tender nugget of meaty gold'

Finsbay Flatiron: Muscling In

Sister to Milngavie bar Finsbay, this Woodlands diner has local rugby heroes Alastair Kellock and Stuart Hogg involved

If you like to keep things simple, this place is for you. Finsbay Flatiron skips the starters and, bar a couple of specials, only serves one thing – a delicious, juicy, flat iron steak. It's a lesser-known cut, which, as passionate serving staff explain in meticulous anatomical detail, comes from the cow's shoulder area. Hidden underneath some tougher and blander cuts lies this tender nugget of meaty gold, which comes simply sliced on top of a tangle of rocket with a sprinkling of rock salt.

It's very good – and priced at £8 on weekdays, £10 weekends, it's what you'd pay for a decent burger. Bump up the bill with some sides such as mac and cheese with pancetta or double-dip hand-cut chips in silky hollandaise sauce with huge shavings of parmesan. Sauces can be added, from which the 'Finsbay chipotle funk' mayo could carry more jazzed-up spicy-smokiness. Among the reclaimed brick, wood and sandstone, the place sports a retro 1970s' feel – wooden chairs and blackboards are reminiscent of high school, while a lounge-style area with lamps and armchairs has various samples of wild brown and orange wallpaper.

£15 (lunch/dinner)

Finsbay Flatiron

160 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6LF

Bar and kitchen with one main course option: an inexpensive, juicy flat iron steak, served up in funky 1970s, retro surroundings.